Quote In 2009 a crossroad was reached for myself and my company. I was totally frustrated by the recession and all the strains it carried with it plus the feeling that there had to be a better way of doing business with Prospects and Clients, that didn't leave me one day on the top of a mountain and the next raped. I was introduced to Marcus in 2010. I have not looked back. His process is very, very special, it delivers renewed confidence in bucket-loads, it teaches you a completely different language of 'conversing' and 'selling' - a language and a process quite unique yet so obvious in its methodology that it makes you cry with frustration that you didn't know this 30 years ago. Everything I have learned has resulted in more wins, more income, less over servicing, quicker disqualification, less free consulting, more profit and so it goes on. We are now planning to grow substantially by the end of 2012. I have a stronger vision for the future than I have ever had. You would be be a fool to yourself, your company and your dependants if you turned down the opportunity to work with Marcus. Quote

Stephen Fox Fox Kalomaski


Several assessment tools are used by Sandler® trainers to help each individual client gain maximum benefit from the training experience. These tools help the client to better understand their own very unique strengths as well as those areas in need of development. Specific training and coaching of the client is then customised to fit each individual’s growth plan. Additionally, reassessing the client after a period of training gauges the improvement made in specific areas.

Through our relationship with The Devine Group and Extended DISC®, Sandler Training offers a series of assessment tools that not only examine core competencies necessary for success, but also examine the way people think, behave and apply skills in the work environment. Assessments identify individual strengths and reveal areas for improvement. They help shape training curriculums and identify solutions that will produce the greatest results.

Extended DISC
Sandler’s partnership with Extended DISC provides Sandler trainers with a web-based tool to help individuals and organisations identify, understand and promote successful behaviours.  The DISC profile allows you to better understand yourself and to find the most successful way to communicate with prospects, clients and internal team members.

The Devine Inventory
The Devine Inventory is a customisable, scalable web-based tool for the analysis of individuals and teams.  It gives business owners and managers a great advantage in hiring and retaining the best people, and in getting peak performance from individuals.